Wrap Over

Monday, 1 August 2016

Top - Boohoo
Skirt - Primark 
Boots - ASOS

I picked this skirt up in primark on a whim what seems like forever ago now and today is the first time i have actually got around to wearing it. I know its sooo bad but i feel like i buy things then actually start wearing them regularly weeks or months after my actual purchase? I know, weird. I actually really really like this skirt. The wrap over style and the tie is just so me right now and i just love it argh, why didn't i wear this sooner! I do have to admit the wrap over can be a lil dangerous, as you can see from he varying levels of openness in these pictures! You will be glad to know that i have no stitched the two pieces together to ensure there are no accidents! The slit (?) gap thing is actually meant to go in the middle but that is a bit too riskay for me! The side is much safer ;) 

Cut out tops are something else i have really been loving recently. I used to hate them but they've been growing on me lately! I love that this top is both long sleeve but also kind of open at the same time so i can wear it when its warmer (lol, yeah that week of summer we get in the UK) and i wont get too chilly in the evenings.

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