Shiny pink silk | Ebay finds

Sunday, 7 August 2016

So way way back in time i used to do these eBay type posts and i really enjoyed making them and you guys seemed to enjoy reading them so for todays post i thought i would bring them back! This is just a few things i have seen over on good old eBay and wanted to share with you all! Do let me know in the comments if you would like these posts to become a regular thing and which item from this section is your favourite! 

Pink slip dress - Okay so this beaut of a dress is only £4 guys. £4. I literally added it to my cart so quick when i saw it! I think it would look perfect with a white tee underneath (you know that trend thats making its rounds at the moment!) and some thigh boots. Ahhhh, i can't wait for this to arrive!

Biker jacket - So i'm sure you've all seen THAT zara jacket which everyone and their mum has in at leas one colour. This is an exact copy of that one (in all the colours the zara one is in too!) and i may have to now jump on that bandwagon because lets be real, zara aint worth the money and this is only £25 which is pretty darn good for a biker jacket! Now the question is whether to go for pink or blue......

Embroidered halter top - This is a very instagram-esque top and again, is a complete bargain at £4. Its probably for the more daring because of the sheerness but would look amazing on a night out or even with a checked shirt thrown over the top and some casual boyfriend jeans. Doesn't that just sound like the perfect glam/casual combo?! 

Sheer maxi skirt - I don't even think i need to say anything about this gorgeous skirt. Just look at it. LOOK AT IT. 

Glittery cross over bralet - This doesn't seem to be very inline with the theme of the rest of my items in this post but when i spotted it on eBay i was just so drawn to it i had to feature it! I have a thing for pretty bralettes and bras (the one plus of having small boobs) and i think this one is super fun and can be worn a ton of ways. 

Kate Spade purse for £30/$40

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Yes, this is another 'china buys' post. I like china things okay. Poor person probs. 

This one is a Kate Spade replica purse. I didn't get this one off my usual AliExpress though. Oh no, this china shopping has got to a whole new level of extreme. I got it from a site called TaoBaoFocus, which is basically a way to order things to the UK from TaoBao (which is a major china domestic shipping site on which everything is dirt cheap). So i saw this purse, was like yes please, added it to my cart. Now, the TaoBaoFocus way of ordering things is a little complicated but don't fret. You pay an initial payment for the item to be shipped to their warehouse. They then take photos of it, you can see these pictures on your order page and then if you are happy with the item and its the correct colour etc. you then make a second payment for shipping. There are multiple shipping =options depending on how fast you want it and you can also elect to minimise the packaging of your item to save on shipping. Once shipped, it is fully trackable and mine arrived in exactly a week from the date of shipping which is so good considering i chose the cheapest air mail option! 

Overall, i really like the TaoBaoFocus shipping service! I contacted the team a few times on their online chat as i got a bit confused during the whole ordering process (I'm not used to so may steps!) and they were really helpful. Even with my dumb questions! 

The wallet is my new favourite thing. I'm not 100% sure if its real leather but for this price i really can't complain. The wallet i believe was $25 and shipping was $15 which isn't too bad! The original purse price does include a service fee but this isn't much at all! I'm really impressed with the overall quality and it looks literally identical to the real ones. IDENTICAL. The inside is also identical (which i was going to photograph but didn't want to reveal all my banking details to the interwebz soz) but let me assure you, it is a beaut. 

Heres a link to the original if you would like to see the inside layout - is that the correct way to say the inside of a purse?! 

So to summarise, i love it. Ive had my ted baker purse for years and it is definitely in need of a refresh! 

Slip up

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

White crop top - Ebay
Slip dress & choker - Aliexpress
Boots - Primark 

The slip dress and t shirt trend (does it have an official name?!) is everywhere right now. Ive seen so many combos in high street stores and my inspiration for them came from the one and only Kendall Jenner who i saw rocking a cream one here. And then i was sold. Of course i got the khaki version because duh its my favourite colour to wear. You will soon see this over my upcoming outfit posts aha! Mine is in a size L for reference to ensure that it was long enough! Its slightly oversized on me but i do actually quite like the fit of it overall! 

Over the limit

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Boohoo/Ebay
Boots - Aliexpress

Simple boho outfit for me today! These boots are my absolute favourite and although you can't really see int these pictures (damn you lighting!) they are a beautiful khaki green colour. Ive had them for coming up two years now and i can definitely say that they are my most worn, most loved boots by far! I love that they add some colour because all i wear is black. And sometimes white. Monochrome gal 4 lyf.

The skirt, belt and top are all relatively new so should still be in stores if you fancy the look of anything! I have a slight gripe with off the shoulder tops because of the fact that you have to wear a strapless bra, or no bra, with them. I HAVE SO MANY PRETTY BRAS AND I CANT WEAR THEM WTH YOU. But thats probably just problems of someone with a teeny obsession with underwear and lingerie.

Wrap Over

Monday, 1 August 2016

Top - Boohoo
Skirt - Primark 
Boots - ASOS

I picked this skirt up in primark on a whim what seems like forever ago now and today is the first time i have actually got around to wearing it. I know its sooo bad but i feel like i buy things then actually start wearing them regularly weeks or months after my actual purchase? I know, weird. I actually really really like this skirt. The wrap over style and the tie is just so me right now and i just love it argh, why didn't i wear this sooner! I do have to admit the wrap over can be a lil dangerous, as you can see from he varying levels of openness in these pictures! You will be glad to know that i have no stitched the two pieces together to ensure there are no accidents! The slit (?) gap thing is actually meant to go in the middle but that is a bit too riskay for me! The side is much safer ;) 

Cut out tops are something else i have really been loving recently. I used to hate them but they've been growing on me lately! I love that this top is both long sleeve but also kind of open at the same time so i can wear it when its warmer (lol, yeah that week of summer we get in the UK) and i wont get too chilly in the evenings.

Backpack style

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Shirt - New Look
Jeans - ASOS ridley
Shoes - Aliexpress
Choker - Aliexpress
Backpack - H&M
Pom pom keychain - Aliexpress 

To the best of my knowledge i have never owned a backpack. Not even as a child i don't remember having a backpack for school. I had 'book bags' - does anyone remember those lil envelope bags?! Then i moved on to jane norman bags (anyone a 90s kid?!) and then onto handbag bags. Obviously i was such a stylish child hehe. But lately i have been carrying around an awful lot of crap important things and my arms were getting a bit achy so i decided to have a little mooch on the internet and see if any backpacks tickled my fancy. This was obviously a purchase necessary for my health. Thats what i tell myself anyway. Now let me tell you, there are not a lot of 'stylish' backpacks around my friends and all the ones that i liked were in the £1000+ price range and that just isn't happening is it. I spotted this one on H&M though and i really liked the slouchy, just simple look. Not to mention the cheap price tag of only £15! I, of course, added my little pom pom fendi dupe keychain because what even is a bag without one of these. I actually quite like it! I may now be a backpack convert.....

Stripe Me Up

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Jeans - ASOS Ridley
Boots - ASOS

I picked this top up off the Boohoo eBay outlet as i originally saw it on the Boohoo website but it was cheaper on the ebay store for some reason? Anyway, lil tip for you there - check the Boohoo outlet to see if the item you want is cheaper! I was also going to order two skirts off the actual website but, again, found them cheaper on the outlet! Im sure you will see them soon on here anyway! I love the stripe pattern and the shoulder detailing. I wish it was lil longer as I'm not really a fan of when you can see the crotch of my trousers - someone please tell me I'm not alone in this weird fashion preference!

I haven't worn white jeans in sooo long but seeing as its summer (or supposed to be) i thought id whip em out. Although lets be honest, i'd much prefer to be wearing black jeans! Don't you think everything just looks better with black? Nope, just me?

Anastasia highlight palette for £6

Friday, 29 July 2016

Palette - AliExpress

I ordered this palette of aliexpress a while ago and i love it so much i thought i would share it all with you guys, so we can all have highlight on fleek oh yeah.

This is from china, so is a dupe/copy/fake or whatever you wish to label it as. This is going to be a review of sorts, although i am by no means qualified in highlighters as i am relatively new to the world of highlighting - all my oily skinned gals will understand the struggle.

I bought mine off this seller for £6.60 to be exact (soz not exactly £6). It comes to two shades - Gleam and That Glow, which are the original Anastasia colour ways. Ovbs i picked up That Glow and with free royal mail economy shipping it was here in around 1-2 weeks.

From the pictures above, you can see that the packaging is basically identical to the original, although i do not own it so all my opinions are coming from seeing pictures of it online and in youtube videos etc. Its very heavy and feels very high quality which i wasn't expecting for such a low price. It came in a sleeve type thing (what are they called?!) which was a very nice touch aswell. As you can see i have swatched all the colours on my fingers for you (*ahem* excuse my red hands and skanky nails) and i absolutely adore them! I have tried all of them out on my face (duh) and i really really like them. I am now a highlight convert.

They are very highlighty, if thats even a word. If you want natural highlight maybe steer clear of this palette as these are very glam, illuminated to the 9's kind of look. The longevity i would say is very good though and the consistency is pretty good. Again, i cannot compare to the real product - which i would assume is of a much higher quality but for £6 and test gorgeous shades you can't really go wrong!

Also, shameless plug but i just got my instagram back up and running (well, in the process. Soon there will be pictures, promise) so if you could hop over and give me a follow i will follow you guys back!

Fendi monster dupes

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Grey pom pom - Aliexpress
Blue pom pom - Aliexpress
Cant find a link to the black one! :(

I first saw the fendi monster keychains on Kylie Jenner. And i did not like them. They weren't cute and were, quite frankly, just a ball of fluff with eyes. As i saw them more and more i started to warm to them but at around £600 a keychain the Fendi ones were a no go zone for me. So i hopped on over to AliExpress (which i have recently become slightly obsessed with again, RIP money) and found these bad boys. They are basically rip offs of the Fendi ones but i lurveeee them. I wear them constantly and its an ongoing battle which one to wear on any given day. The grey is my latest addition and it has free one week shipping, which means the waiting for china items (the worst part of china shopping hands down) is eliminated! These are a complete bargain if you ask me and they add something a little different to your bag. The plain old pom pom is good, don't get me wrong, but it's a bit basic, unlike these funky little creatures. Next on my list are these pretty darn cool letter pom pom keyrings!

Long time, no see

Thursday, 5 May 2016

I wont start this post the same way i have started 249394 other 'I'm back posts' (yes, I'm bored of them too) but i just wanted to say hi. I've missed you. I think i am going to start blogging again. Fo real this time though. I hope. So i hope you guys stick around. Even more amazing would be if you remembered what this blog was or who i was. But yes, that is unlikely since i have been practically invisible for the best part of 3 years. Wow, its been a long time. Hopefully, this post is slightly more substantive than my usual 'i'm going to blog, I'm sorry etc. etc.'

I am currently in the midst of exam season so my desk is permanently a mess (along with my brain and life in general) and this may be a contributing factor as to why i want to start blogging again. The dreaded procrastination. The only thing i am confident in being examined on right now. I hope that's not all it is though and i do really really want to keep it up this time. I do have some plans for posts and things i would like to do in the future so i am pretty motivated right now to get back on the blogging  train! Wish my motivation would move over a lil bit to my impending exams but what can you do. I know i say this every time though and i do know how flaky i can be so i am being both optimistic and realistic. My blogging probably wont be back on track (i think its been too long to even claim there is still a track to get back on mind) till after my exams finish, which is on June 3rd. The day i am literally counting down to with a calendar on my wall. THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL.

I think one of the reasons that i have been so flaky with blogging and my numerous 'I'm back' and then imminent disappearance acts is the fact that i am a bit of a perfectionist. When it comes to blogging anyway, not so much in any other aspects of my life. Which is odd. But we can discuss that another time. But yeah, i feel like my posts have to be amazing and i see so many amazing bloggers making such great content and i think its inevitable that you end up comparing yourself to them. But i have now come to the realisation that every post doesn't have to be perfect or fit into your blogs genre or theme. My blog is mine and i want to be able to post what i feel like without thinking 'will people read this' & 'do people even care'. I don't need a professional camera or photographer to take my photos. I don't need a 'blogging room' and amazing lighting. This is a hobby for me and i want to stop focusing on views and comments and start focusing on publishing things that i myself read and enjoy. I want my blog to be a place i can come back to and look at to be reminded of times in my life and outfits i wore (well, not so much the latter but maybe in the future i will lack inspiration and need to find an outfit in my mountain of clothes....)

Maybe i should include a lil life update in here. Why not. Few more weeks till i finish university forever, which i am both relieved and slightly upset at - well, mostly upset at the fact that the real world awaits me. My plans for after graduation are a bit...iffy/non-existent. I know, i know, great planning Kate. I am more of a 'take it as it comes' kind of gal. Although i am considering going travelling over the summer if my funds allow it. I'm not sure much else has changed! My life is boring ok.

I'm also considering a name change for this lil old blog but I'm not 100% set on a name yet AKA i can't think of anything to save my life. Who knew thinking of a blog name would be so difficult #bloggerstruggles. So if that happens i will update you all. But for now, for old times sake, and the little continuity i have left i remain 'Kates Wardrobe'. 

Okay now i really must get back to revision. You know when you take a 'short break' and you end up watching an episode of friends, making lunch and writing a blog post, yeah that.....