Backpack style

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Shirt - New Look
Jeans - ASOS ridley
Shoes - Aliexpress
Choker - Aliexpress
Backpack - H&M
Pom pom keychain - Aliexpress 

To the best of my knowledge i have never owned a backpack. Not even as a child i don't remember having a backpack for school. I had 'book bags' - does anyone remember those lil envelope bags?! Then i moved on to jane norman bags (anyone a 90s kid?!) and then onto handbag bags. Obviously i was such a stylish child hehe. But lately i have been carrying around an awful lot of crap important things and my arms were getting a bit achy so i decided to have a little mooch on the internet and see if any backpacks tickled my fancy. This was obviously a purchase necessary for my health. Thats what i tell myself anyway. Now let me tell you, there are not a lot of 'stylish' backpacks around my friends and all the ones that i liked were in the £1000+ price range and that just isn't happening is it. I spotted this one on H&M though and i really liked the slouchy, just simple look. Not to mention the cheap price tag of only £15! I, of course, added my little pom pom fendi dupe keychain because what even is a bag without one of these. I actually quite like it! I may now be a backpack convert.....

Stripe Me Up

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Jeans - ASOS Ridley
Boots - ASOS

I picked this top up off the Boohoo eBay outlet as i originally saw it on the Boohoo website but it was cheaper on the ebay store for some reason? Anyway, lil tip for you there - check the Boohoo outlet to see if the item you want is cheaper! I was also going to order two skirts off the actual website but, again, found them cheaper on the outlet! Im sure you will see them soon on here anyway! I love the stripe pattern and the shoulder detailing. I wish it was lil longer as I'm not really a fan of when you can see the crotch of my trousers - someone please tell me I'm not alone in this weird fashion preference!

I haven't worn white jeans in sooo long but seeing as its summer (or supposed to be) i thought id whip em out. Although lets be honest, i'd much prefer to be wearing black jeans! Don't you think everything just looks better with black? Nope, just me?

Anastasia highlight palette for £6

Friday, 29 July 2016

Palette - AliExpress

I ordered this palette of aliexpress a while ago and i love it so much i thought i would share it all with you guys, so we can all have highlight on fleek oh yeah.

This is from china, so is a dupe/copy/fake or whatever you wish to label it as. This is going to be a review of sorts, although i am by no means qualified in highlighters as i am relatively new to the world of highlighting - all my oily skinned gals will understand the struggle.

I bought mine off this seller for £6.60 to be exact (soz not exactly £6). It comes to two shades - Gleam and That Glow, which are the original Anastasia colour ways. Ovbs i picked up That Glow and with free royal mail economy shipping it was here in around 1-2 weeks.

From the pictures above, you can see that the packaging is basically identical to the original, although i do not own it so all my opinions are coming from seeing pictures of it online and in youtube videos etc. Its very heavy and feels very high quality which i wasn't expecting for such a low price. It came in a sleeve type thing (what are they called?!) which was a very nice touch aswell. As you can see i have swatched all the colours on my fingers for you (*ahem* excuse my red hands and skanky nails) and i absolutely adore them! I have tried all of them out on my face (duh) and i really really like them. I am now a highlight convert.

They are very highlighty, if thats even a word. If you want natural highlight maybe steer clear of this palette as these are very glam, illuminated to the 9's kind of look. The longevity i would say is very good though and the consistency is pretty good. Again, i cannot compare to the real product - which i would assume is of a much higher quality but for £6 and test gorgeous shades you can't really go wrong!

Also, shameless plug but i just got my instagram back up and running (well, in the process. Soon there will be pictures, promise) so if you could hop over and give me a follow i will follow you guys back!