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Sunday, 7 August 2016

So way way back in time i used to do these eBay type posts and i really enjoyed making them and you guys seemed to enjoy reading them so for todays post i thought i would bring them back! This is just a few things i have seen over on good old eBay and wanted to share with you all! Do let me know in the comments if you would like these posts to become a regular thing and which item from this section is your favourite! 

Pink slip dress - Okay so this beaut of a dress is only £4 guys. £4. I literally added it to my cart so quick when i saw it! I think it would look perfect with a white tee underneath (you know that trend thats making its rounds at the moment!) and some thigh boots. Ahhhh, i can't wait for this to arrive!

Biker jacket - So i'm sure you've all seen THAT zara jacket which everyone and their mum has in at leas one colour. This is an exact copy of that one (in all the colours the zara one is in too!) and i may have to now jump on that bandwagon because lets be real, zara aint worth the money and this is only £25 which is pretty darn good for a biker jacket! Now the question is whether to go for pink or blue......

Embroidered halter top - This is a very instagram-esque top and again, is a complete bargain at £4. Its probably for the more daring because of the sheerness but would look amazing on a night out or even with a checked shirt thrown over the top and some casual boyfriend jeans. Doesn't that just sound like the perfect glam/casual combo?! 

Sheer maxi skirt - I don't even think i need to say anything about this gorgeous skirt. Just look at it. LOOK AT IT. 

Glittery cross over bralet - This doesn't seem to be very inline with the theme of the rest of my items in this post but when i spotted it on eBay i was just so drawn to it i had to feature it! I have a thing for pretty bralettes and bras (the one plus of having small boobs) and i think this one is super fun and can be worn a ton of ways. 

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