Fendi monster dupes

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Grey pom pom - Aliexpress
Blue pom pom - Aliexpress
Cant find a link to the black one! :(

I first saw the fendi monster keychains on Kylie Jenner. And i did not like them. They weren't cute and were, quite frankly, just a ball of fluff with eyes. As i saw them more and more i started to warm to them but at around £600 a keychain the Fendi ones were a no go zone for me. So i hopped on over to AliExpress (which i have recently become slightly obsessed with again, RIP money) and found these bad boys. They are basically rip offs of the Fendi ones but i lurveeee them. I wear them constantly and its an ongoing battle which one to wear on any given day. The grey is my latest addition and it has free one week shipping, which means the waiting for china items (the worst part of china shopping hands down) is eliminated! These are a complete bargain if you ask me and they add something a little different to your bag. The plain old pom pom is good, don't get me wrong, but it's a bit basic, unlike these funky little creatures. Next on my list are these pretty darn cool letter pom pom keyrings!