Long time, no see

Thursday, 5 May 2016

I wont start this post the same way i have started 249394 other 'I'm back posts' (yes, I'm bored of them too) but i just wanted to say hi. I've missed you. I think i am going to start blogging again. Fo real this time though. I hope. So i hope you guys stick around. Even more amazing would be if you remembered what this blog was or who i was. But yes, that is unlikely since i have been practically invisible for the best part of 3 years. Wow, its been a long time. Hopefully, this post is slightly more substantive than my usual 'i'm going to blog, I'm sorry etc. etc.'

I am currently in the midst of exam season so my desk is permanently a mess (along with my brain and life in general) and this may be a contributing factor as to why i want to start blogging again. The dreaded procrastination. The only thing i am confident in being examined on right now. I hope that's not all it is though and i do really really want to keep it up this time. I do have some plans for posts and things i would like to do in the future so i am pretty motivated right now to get back on the blogging  train! Wish my motivation would move over a lil bit to my impending exams but what can you do. I know i say this every time though and i do know how flaky i can be so i am being both optimistic and realistic. My blogging probably wont be back on track (i think its been too long to even claim there is still a track to get back on mind) till after my exams finish, which is on June 3rd. The day i am literally counting down to with a calendar on my wall. THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL.

I think one of the reasons that i have been so flaky with blogging and my numerous 'I'm back' and then imminent disappearance acts is the fact that i am a bit of a perfectionist. When it comes to blogging anyway, not so much in any other aspects of my life. Which is odd. But we can discuss that another time. But yeah, i feel like my posts have to be amazing and i see so many amazing bloggers making such great content and i think its inevitable that you end up comparing yourself to them. But i have now come to the realisation that every post doesn't have to be perfect or fit into your blogs genre or theme. My blog is mine and i want to be able to post what i feel like without thinking 'will people read this' & 'do people even care'. I don't need a professional camera or photographer to take my photos. I don't need a 'blogging room' and amazing lighting. This is a hobby for me and i want to stop focusing on views and comments and start focusing on publishing things that i myself read and enjoy. I want my blog to be a place i can come back to and look at to be reminded of times in my life and outfits i wore (well, not so much the latter but maybe in the future i will lack inspiration and need to find an outfit in my mountain of clothes....)

Maybe i should include a lil life update in here. Why not. Few more weeks till i finish university forever, which i am both relieved and slightly upset at - well, mostly upset at the fact that the real world awaits me. My plans for after graduation are a bit...iffy/non-existent. I know, i know, great planning Kate. I am more of a 'take it as it comes' kind of gal. Although i am considering going travelling over the summer if my funds allow it. I'm not sure much else has changed! My life is boring ok.

I'm also considering a name change for this lil old blog but I'm not 100% set on a name yet AKA i can't think of anything to save my life. Who knew thinking of a blog name would be so difficult #bloggerstruggles. So if that happens i will update you all. But for now, for old times sake, and the little continuity i have left i remain 'Kates Wardrobe'. 

Okay now i really must get back to revision. You know when you take a 'short break' and you end up watching an episode of friends, making lunch and writing a blog post, yeah that.....