Stripe Me Up

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Jeans - ASOS Ridley
Boots - ASOS

I picked this top up off the Boohoo eBay outlet as i originally saw it on the Boohoo website but it was cheaper on the ebay store for some reason? Anyway, lil tip for you there - check the Boohoo outlet to see if the item you want is cheaper! I was also going to order two skirts off the actual website but, again, found them cheaper on the outlet! Im sure you will see them soon on here anyway! I love the stripe pattern and the shoulder detailing. I wish it was lil longer as I'm not really a fan of when you can see the crotch of my trousers - someone please tell me I'm not alone in this weird fashion preference!

I haven't worn white jeans in sooo long but seeing as its summer (or supposed to be) i thought id whip em out. Although lets be honest, i'd much prefer to be wearing black jeans! Don't you think everything just looks better with black? Nope, just me?


  1. I always check their ebay store first! Great outfit, love the cold shoulder look xx

  2. Yes, I'm the same. I never really know how to combine items, so I usually just go for black. Love the top you're wearing :)