Anastasia highlight palette for £6

Friday, 29 July 2016

Palette - AliExpress

I ordered this palette of aliexpress a while ago and i love it so much i thought i would share it all with you guys, so we can all have highlight on fleek oh yeah.

This is from china, so is a dupe/copy/fake or whatever you wish to label it as. This is going to be a review of sorts, although i am by no means qualified in highlighters as i am relatively new to the world of highlighting - all my oily skinned gals will understand the struggle.

I bought mine off this seller for £6.60 to be exact (soz not exactly £6). It comes to two shades - Gleam and That Glow, which are the original Anastasia colour ways. Ovbs i picked up That Glow and with free royal mail economy shipping it was here in around 1-2 weeks.

From the pictures above, you can see that the packaging is basically identical to the original, although i do not own it so all my opinions are coming from seeing pictures of it online and in youtube videos etc. Its very heavy and feels very high quality which i wasn't expecting for such a low price. It came in a sleeve type thing (what are they called?!) which was a very nice touch aswell. As you can see i have swatched all the colours on my fingers for you (*ahem* excuse my red hands and skanky nails) and i absolutely adore them! I have tried all of them out on my face (duh) and i really really like them. I am now a highlight convert.

They are very highlighty, if thats even a word. If you want natural highlight maybe steer clear of this palette as these are very glam, illuminated to the 9's kind of look. The longevity i would say is very good though and the consistency is pretty good. Again, i cannot compare to the real product - which i would assume is of a much higher quality but for £6 and test gorgeous shades you can't really go wrong!

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  1. Interesting. The palette looks and swatches exactly like the real glow kit. I don't own it either but from the pictures i've seen online, it looks pretty true. I have never bought anything from AliExpress because I'm always nervous about the quality but this seems pretty legit.

    Will check out your insta! Im @ThFabJunkie

    xo Suma