About Me

My name is Kate and i am currently in my final year of University where i am studying law. I have had various blogs in the past, some of which you may be familiar with. I am extremely flaky when it comes to blogging. I have started and restarted my blog about a million times and every time i say this, but i hope this time i continue to blog consistently for the foreseeable future. We will see how that goes!

This blog will be a mixture of fashion and lifestyle posts - but watch out for anything i feel like posting! Although the name does imply this is a strictly 'style' blog (the problems of having a name with wardrobe in it) i hope to write about other things and hopefully a nice little mix of posts will grow here.

It's always quite hard to write an about me section isn't it! Hmmm....well if you read some of my blog posts I'm sure you will get an idea about me and my interests and if you have any questions feel free to ask!